History records that William the Conqueror landed in England some three miles east of Glyndley Manor in 1066. More than a century before that a Royal Charter of King Eadred in 947 refers to “three hides of land at West Hankham and Glynleigh”.

There are references to a Self Catering Cottage at Eastbourne Glyndley Manor (Gleenlyor or Glindleigh) which occur throughout the middle ages in various documents, including one in 1320 which mentions that Glindleigh was “worth nearly £40”.

The Manor was first built in the 16th century during the reign of Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603). It may have been a nunnery or have been built on the site of one. The first owners were a family named Meers who originated in Lincolnshire.

In the late 18th century, the property transferred to the family of Sir John Peachey MP for Midhurst. The Manor became unoccupied for some years since then but was used during the Second World War by the Canadian Army as an Officers Mess.

In 1980 the Manor was refurbished for use as a hotel and holiday cottages were developed on a portion of the land. Now the Manor is home to the Christian Trust, Ellel Ministries Glyndley Manor.

The self catering holiday cottages at Glyndley Manor are frequently utilised by those attending Christian courses and retreats in the Manor house as part of the original vision that was given to the Manor in 1976.